Packages & Prices

  • Early Reassurance Scan


    From 7 – 16 weeks
    15 minute appointment providing reassurance using an abdominal probe from as early as 7 weeks. Check location of pregnancy, confirm dates and estimated due date, confirm multiple pregnancy. Includes scan report.

  • Gender & wellbeing scan


    From 14 weeks
    15 minute appointment to check the well being of baby and determine their sex. Includes sneaky peek in 4D two prints and scan report. Additional extras available

  • Bonding and wellbeing Scan


    From 24 – 33 weeks
    Check baby’s wellbeing and meet them in real time 4D and HD live. Includes wellbeing check, scan report, gender confirmation, two prints and secure digital upload with all images and mini clips.

  • Late reassurance scan


    From 16 – 40 weeks
    15 Minute presentation scan providing reassurance from 16 weeks. We’ll check baby’s well being, see and hear baby’s heart beat, growth check and estimated weight of baby. Includes scan report, gender confirmation, sneak peek in 4D and two prints.

  • Express gender scan


    From 18 Weeks
    10 Minute appointment to check the well being of baby and determine their sex. See and hear baby’s heartbeat. Additional extras available

  • Ultimate 3D 4D and HD live bonding scan


    From 24 weeks – 33 weeks
    30 minute ultimate bonding scan includes 3D, 4D and HD live, check baby’s well being, see and hear baby’s heart beat, growth check and estimated weight of baby. Includes scan report, gender confirmation, four prints, digital download and heartbeat bear

About Our Clinic

Baby Scanning Boutique is a brand new non-diagnostic baby scanning boutique, in North Wales between Wrexham and Chester. We offer early scans from 7 weeks and gender scans, 2D, 3D, 4D and HD Live scans from 14 weeks to help you prepare for the new addition to your family.

Here at Baby Scanning Boutique we offer a variety of packages to provide images of your baby during its development in the womb and charming keepsakes. Handily located just off the M56 near Chester we service clients from Wrexham, Liverpool, Warrington and Manchester.

Providing you the perfect bonding experience is our number one priority using the latest technology providing crystal clear clarity as you see your baby’s facial expressions for the first time and with our no rush approach we make sure to take our time and offer you our ‘free repeat appointment guarantee’ in case baby isn’t ‘playing ball’ to ensure exceptional customer service.

Simply click our easy to use booking system to view our available appointments then select your preferred timeslot and complete your booking or alternatively you can call us on 01244 816922, email via

If you’re thinking of booking a scan with Baby Scanning Boutique, here’s how to book and what to expect at your appointment..



Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you will have lots of questions about the services we offer so we’ve tried to collect our most frequently asked questions below, but if you have anything not covered then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us.

Do you have toilets and/or baby change facilities?

Yes, of course we do. Our customers comfort is very important to be able to provide a relaxed environment so we can get the very best images possible.

What is the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D and HD-Live?

You’re probably already familiar with the black and white photo’s you get from hospitals, these are in two dimensions (length & height) or 2D. 3D adds depth, these are images come with the golden look and feel and 4D is the same but is a moving image i.e. a video. All of these are taken with the same ultrasound machine using a special probe (sometimes called a transducer).

During a 4D Scan we use both 3D & 4D, the live scan that you see on the screen is called 4D, and the still images we print out are 3D. HD is an improvement on 3D imaging using state of the art technology to create skin tones, shadows and clearer images and HD Live is the same for the 4D scan. HD Live is trademarked GE technology and of these are only available from clinics with specialist GE Voluson ultrasound machines like ours.

When is best to have a 3D/4D scan?

You can have a 3/4D scan at any time in your pregnancy from 14 weeks. However, for the very best images we advise having your scan done between 26 and 31 weeks. Although scans outside of this range can still give excellent results. There are lots of factors effecting this: the position of the baby and the placenta, the amount of fluid and the size of baby at the time of the scan and the BMI of mummy (ultrasound uses sound waves that have to travel through body tissue, the higher the amount of tissue the further they have to travel, therefore the less clear the image will be). For twins and multiple pregnancies we recommend you come when you are at 26 weeks.. If your placenta is anterior (at the front) we recommend you try and come before 29 weeks to avoid disappointment. If you are past this stage we are happy for you to pop in for us to have a look if we think we will be able to get images of your baby.

What if I don't wish to know the gender of my baby?

Our goal is to give you the very best experience possible so please don’t be shy to ask any questions. If you don’t want to know then just let us know and the sonographer will base the majority of your scan around the facial features so it is not possible for you to see the sex at all.