Info about ultrasound scanning in Deeside

Congratulations on your pregnancy from everyone here at Baby Scanning Boutique !!! We understand the terminology used with baby ultrasound scanning can be quite difficult to understand so we’ll try and guide you through. Our early pregnancy scans in Deeside are here to support you on your journey to motherhood and are available from 7 weeks from your last menstrual period (LMP).

These are usually the 2D black and white scan images you are probably used to seeing in the hospital. This is because at this early stage baby isn’t yet developed enough to see in more detail. The same technology (ultrasound machine and probe) is used later in your pregnancy but is capable of showing you much more detail once your baby is sufficiently developed, usually this is possible from around 16 weeks but best images are taken around 27 weeks. These are the high detail 3D pictures that have a golden look and feel to them.

Image quality then drops off around 36 weeks because although baby is developing further there is less space for baby and fluid to help capture those pictures. 4D (sometimes referred to as ‘live’) is the same 2D or 3D image but a video capture of that examination that you can watch back at a later date. Our packages are available with scan only, scan plus picture images or scan plus picture images plus 4D video saved to a USB stick.

HD Live Scans

HD Live is an enhanced version of a 3D scan using the latest GE technology available on only the newest machines to render amazingly realistic images of your baby. It uses the most recent generation of beamforming technology combined with speckle reduction algorithms and virtual light sources to create lighting and shadowing effects. This means our sonographer can incorporate light and shadow on baby’s face just as you would see in a person standing next to you.

HD live comes at no extra charge and is available on all our gender scan and bonding scan packages. HD live is not available with early scans.

Early Scan

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Here at Baby Scanning Boutique we know what a wonderful time this is for you. Our early pregnancy scans in Deeside are here to support you on your journey to motherhood and are available from 7 weeks from your last menstrual period (LMP).
We will provide you with a 2D ultrasound scan using the most modern technology. To help you begin your journey, keepsake images of your scan are available to purchase as either printed pictures or digitally on a USB, as are heartbeat teddy bears and we provide an approximate gestation and delivery date.

Notice: Baby Scanning Boutique is a non-diagnostic, non-medical facility. We do not actively look for abnormalities, in the event that we should notice something unusual, our standard protocol is to refer you to your midwife, GP or local hospital for further medical investigation.

Gender Scans

Want to know the sex of your baby? Getting ready to decorate a nursery and need to know what colours to go for? Then our range of ‘Pink or Blue’ scans are for you. Just like you’d expect, our gender scans will determine if you’re having a little boy or a little girl.
Our Baby Scanning Boutique gender scans in Deeside are available from 14 weeks into your pregnancy and can be performed purely as a 2D scan to find out the gender of your baby or as part of your 3/4D bonding scan. Please visit our scan page for more details.


No gender scan can be 100% accurate, regardless of the technology used, age of foetus or any other variable. Baby Scanning Boutique has an excellent accuracy record but even we’re not infallible. This is due to a number of factors such as the position your baby during the scan. Baby Scanning Boutique cannot be held responsible in the unfortunate circumstance that you should be informed of the wrong gender.

Bonding Scan

Our 3D and 4D bonding scans allows you see your baby at an enhanced level of detail, meaning you can see things that cannot be seen in traditional 2D format such as sucking their thumb, smiling, blowing bubbles or opening their eyes.
These precious moments are literally a once in a lifetime opportunity and should you wish to take away with you a keepsake of this unforgettable experience you can choose to purchase your scan pictures to start baby’s first photo album. We also have heartbeat Teddy Bears for those family members wanting a cuddle.

The perfect time for a 4D bonding scan is between 26-31 weeks because of the optimal balance between baby development and womb conditions but 4D scans can be done anytime from 14 weeks and even as late as 36 weeks we can still get amazing quality images.

Live Scans

Baby Scanning Boutique ‘Live’ scans (often referred to as 4D) are the 3D continuous images that can be recorded as a video capture saved to a USB for you to take home and watch back at your leisure. Sometimes this will need to start off in 2D to optimise the angle of the probe to get the best possible view and then we switch over to the 3D image seamlessly to give you the best possible video.

The GE Voluson ultrasound machine we use is a very sophisticated piece of technology, its widely recognised worldwide as for providing the best 4D images and you’ll be amazed by the depth of clarity and detail it shows off. In 4D its possible to see your baby do things like sucking their thumb, opening their eyes, blowing bubbles, smiling etc… perfect to start getting to know your baby before he/she is even here.

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