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Are you looking for a local baby scanning service to Wrexham ? Then look no further, here at Baby Scanning Boutique we are North Wales most convenient location. Our brand new premises are just outside of Chester serving the communities of ActonCaia ParkOffa and Rhosddu and stretching out into villages like CoedpoethGwersylltRhostyllen and Rhosllanerchrugog.

Our priority is customer satisfaction, we always strive to make your environment comfortable and relaxed to maximise the chances of getting the best possible images for you. We offer a full range of baby scanning services from early scans, 2D 3D & 4D scans, bonding scans and growth scans.

Simply click our easy to use booking system to view our available appointments then select your preferred timeslot and complete your booking or alternatively you can call us on 01244 816922, email via

Baby scan near Wrexham

Congratulations on your pregnancy from everyone here at Baby Scanning Boutique !!! We understand the terminology used with baby ultrasound scanning can be quite difficult to understand so we’ll try and guide you through. Our early pregnancy scans in Deeside are here to support you on your journey to motherhood and are available from 6 weeks from your last menstrual period (LMP).

These are usually the 2D black and white scan images you are probably used to seeing in the hospital. This is because at this early stage baby isn’t yet developed enough to see in more detail. The same technology (ultrasound machine and probe) is used later in your pregnancy but is capable of showing you much more detail once your baby is sufficiently developed, usually this is possible from around 16 weeks but best images are taken around 27 weeks. These are the high detail 3D pictures that have a golden look and feel to them.

Image quality then drops off around 36 weeks because although baby is developing further there is less space for baby and fluid to help capture those pictures. 4D (sometimes referred to as ‘live’) is the same 2D or 3D image but a video capture of that examination that you can watch back at a later date. Our packages are available with scan only, scan plus picture images or scan plus picture images plus 4D video saved to a USB stick.


We at Baby Scanning Boutique are so thrilled you may be thinking about coming to visit us for your baby scan. There can be no more precious an experience than becoming a mother and whether it’s for the first time or not we understand how making the perfect environment for you and baby to feel comfortable and looked after is absolutely paramount.

Our aim is to make sure each of our customers experience is a memory never to forget and to do that we make sure we have the highest possible standards of hygiene, the environment is perfectly relaxed whilst you wait for your appointment and you are nice and comfortable during your scan. You should feel at ease with the whole process and that’s our policy that drives our high standards to be able to bring to life for you the best possible images from your scan.

We can’t promise that conditions such as babys position will be optimal but we will always do our best to help get that perfect picture.. and that’s backed with our promise that if we can’t then we’ll invite you back free of charge.


It’s important to our Baby Scanning Boutique family that our customers understand what we stand for. Although we’re a non-diagnostic, non-medical facility which means we provide souvenir scans for keepsake purposes only and that for any medical requirements or diagnosis you should contact your medical health professional instead. It doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with those pictures and lasting memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

A 2D or 3D baby scan really can bring you and your baby together like no other experience can and its important to us that we do that at the best of our ability, this is why we operate a ‘no rush’ policy. We’ve heard our customers complain they have felt like this elsewhere and we want nothing to detract from your time with us, there’s simply nothing worse than that feeling of disappointment.

So that’s why you’ll find our focus is always on the whole experience, from start to finish because we feel like you are at the beginning of a wonderful journey and we want to make sure your visit with us is just one small step but a hugely valuable and memorable one!